Sail Away

Sit back and relax, as the breeze takes you away, feel the movement of the ocean as the boats sail across the water. Listen to the waves as they crash onto the shoreline…sail away!

Try Again!

Bo, as a puppy, frolics in the water trying to catch the ball and misses every time! Henry, the bird, scratches his neck in confusion as he holds the ball in his mouth. Guess Bo better try again!

Slay the Dragon

Mesmerizing, Neptune, from the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy, represents our obesessions in life that distract us from moving forward. Archangel Michael, who is the spiritual warrior, pierces his sword into Neptunes foot, breaking the strong hold. Then, penetrates the dragon, satan, who he kills, as is written in biblical scripture. The dragon is hidden, under Neptunes foot, he is always in our path! We all have obsessions we need to conquer, let’s slay the dragon and break free!